JihWei was founded in 1980. We have been working hard for satisfying the needs of our customers  
and improving the professional knowledge , including the R&D and the manufacturing skills , in the
field of aluminum molding for more than twenty years.
ow what we are serving include six categories. They are as follow:
(1)Transportation & communication aluminum molding.
(2)Machine aluminum molding.
(3)shipping aluminum molding.
(4)Air-drive tool aluminum molding.
(5)Car & bike aluminum molding.
(6)Energy aluminum molding.
The varicty of the products ad service mentioned above shows that JihWei owns the very excellent
professional .knowledge and the mature manufacturing skills. By which JihWei will be able to
satisfywhat youneed in the future.
In order to provide the best products and services for the customers, JihWei not only spends lots
time in theinnovation of technology, but also renews the facilities of manufacture periodically.
We strongly believe that basing on the excellent professional knowledge, theabundant experiences
and the sense of responsibility , Jihwei will be a very good business partner for you.
Finally, JihWei appreciates the support form the customers before very much. Menwhile, We
sincerely hope that JihWei will be the best business partner for all of you.
No.21, Ln. 73, Rongxing Rd., Bade Dist.,
Taoyuan City 334, Taiwan (R.O.C.)